“Pleasantly numb most of the way! Very professional “

France Harrington 22-03-2017

“Fabulous, Michelle is amazing ”

Kim-Leigh Bridgett 10-03-2017

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I loved it. ”

Nicole vd Walt 04-03-2017

“I had such an awesome time, will recommend it and I am so pleased. ”

Anne Fella 27-02-2017

“Very happy – not sore!”

Rene Tomlinson 24-02-2017

“I am so happy with you! Perfect work!”

Hilcher Ute 17-02-2017

“I would recommend this, really!”

Elena Myburgh 10-02-2017

“I am very happy with the procedures. It was great. Thank you! ”

Reinette Serfontein, 21 February 2014

“Should have done it years ago, love it. Thank you.”

Christine Ferreira 04-01-2017

“Very Professional. Will recommend to my friends & family. Extremely happy with the results.”

Ursula Andrews 31-12-2016

“Very happy!! A big thumbs up! Exactly what I wanted-will recommend Michelle to anyone! ”

Michelle van Rensburg 16-12-2016

“Excellent treatment.Not sore at all. Very happy.”

Sandra Gerber 09-12-2016

“Very pleased. Thank you so much.”

Lynette Fridey 07-12-2016

“Very happy !!!! ”

Sylvia Whitecross 08-12-2016

“Thanx Mich, I look great. ”

Lynda Solo 03-12-2016

“Great experience.”

Nadine McCabe 11-11-2016

“Very happy!! Beautiful professional work. ”

Leigh Darier 03-09-2016

“Love it, thanks for making me choose the correct procedure. So happy. ”

Melissa Grimsel 03-09-2016

“Very happy – looks awesome! ”

Izelle Matthee 02-09-2016

“Very happy with results! ”

Kathryn Vanderveken 02-09-2016

“Happy. Looks neat. Lovely time to relax. Enjoyed it! ”

Melissa Bezuidenhout 05-08-2016

“I love them!!! Excellent work. ”

Estee Haarhoff 12-07-2016

“Very happy! ”

Erene Barnard 12-07-2016

“Soo friendly! Excellent service & highly recommended!”

Marchelle Schoeman 12-07-2016

“Not sore at all!”

Sonia Faber 11-07-2016

“No pain at all. Michelle was incredibly patient with my watery eyes. Made me very at ease. Thank you so much, very happy. ”

Kirsten Horton 24-06-2016

“So happy & it was not sore, I have always been terrified to do this & would do it again no problem!! ”

Catherine Rollinson 13-06-2016

“Extremely happy. ”

Christelle Scholtz 11-06-2016

“Absolute awesome experience. Michelle made me feel so relaxed. Very happy with my new brows. Thank you Michelle.”

Carmen Van Schalkwyk 02-06-2016

“So so so happy, so glad I came. Will be back! God bless you in your work. ”

Gail Henstock 26-05-2016

“Very happy client I am. Very professional done. ”

Gordonica Grobler 20-05-2016

“Thank you, did not feel a thing.”

Bonnita Williams 29-07-2016

“Very happy! No pain! Thank you!”

Simone Bell 07-07-2015

“Awesome, loved the end result.”

Bridget Kershaw 04-07-2015

“Surprisingly comfortable procedure. Like the way I was told what & how it was done”

Carol Pritchard 30-01-2015

“Painless procedure due to Michelle’s magic! Stunning results”

Melody Harvey 09-01-2015